¿Delete/Clear completed Reminders?

Interested in hearing input from the community on using this Reminders functionality.

I noticed the Apple Reminders iOS app has the option to Clear (deletes…) completed reminders.

I have over 2,000 ‘reminders’ that would be deleted. My thought is - clear those in my more generic Reminders area, and leave my more specific Reminders lists alone.


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How often do you look back at completed reminders?

If the answer is “never,” just delete them.

If the answer is “often,” don’t.

In between is harder.

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If you want to keep them, Ccan you export them to a text file and put ‘em away (to never look at again)? 2667 reminders in a text file can’t be that big.

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Having that many completed Reminders will really slow down any automation you may want to run against Reminders.

This code will enable you to archive the Reminders from your chosen list for future reference. I provided 3 different outputs as examples but the text file option is the one you would want.

Hope it helps



Thanks - your AppleScript look cool.

I agree. I also had many completed Reminders and automation and syncing started to crawl.

BTW: at one point - a few years ago, I decided to move hundreds of reminders from one folder to another… Eventually the process stopped. Apple Techs said you can only move a certain amount at one time (I forgot how many) - then apple will pause for 24 hrs. Not sure about 2022. But if you do this better to move a hundred or so at a time…

You can also do lots with reminders and Shortcuts - Exports - deleting etc.

And Goodtask app - can also help with this.

Thank you all for the suggestions.

I decided to ’clear’ Completed Reminders in my main Reminders List – not in any specific Lists (like Packing, Shopping, etc) as I reuse many of those.

Something learned: when you click the ‘Clear’ button, iOS asks you to select a timeframe. I picked everything older than one year.

Here’s a picture of the option after I already deleted the older reminders.


That’s great to know – thanks!