Deleting imported feed from Calendar

So I imported a feed from a service at my work into Calendar on MacOS (I normally use Fantastical 2).

When I clicked the downloaded GetFeed.ics file then it prompted to select a calendar and I chose my Work calendar.

But I have quickly regretted to have this feed in Calendar on MacOS. It has completely cluttered my calendar and I want to remove it again (without deleting my Work calendar because I use that for a number of other things and I would be terribly sorry to be have to delete this…)

Can anyone help with deleting this feed from my Work calendar in either Calendar or Fantastical 2?

Is it listed in Preferences/Internet Accounts as a subscribed calendar you can delete?

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I only have iCloud calendars set up in internet accounts. I can’t find any additional information there besides that iCloud Calendars are active and ticked

How do I find that information?

Hmm, so the subscription is not registered there - can you unselect it within Calendars (or Calendars/Preferences itself)?
If not then perhaps it wasn’t a subscription and instead a static file that was imported into your Work calendar - if that’s the case then I’m not sure - sorry!

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Oh god, say it isn’t so. I really don’t hope that I have to delete my entire work calendar to get rid of this again…

It’s not really listed anywhere within preferences of the Calendar app or Fantastical 2…

I found this thread online:

It’s rather technical however… :neutral_face: