Dell P2715Q + Multiple Inputs = Sporadic Black Flashes?

hey MPU, I am hoping someone has an issue similar to mine. Trying to google the right phrase for my situation is getting difficult with little results.

I have 2014 MacBook Pro plugged into a Dell P2715Q via the Mini-Display Port (Thunderbolt). I also have my PS4 plugged into the Dell P2715q via the HDMI port.

When I am using my Macbook there are no issues, everything runs smooth on the Dell P2715q. However, when I am gaming on the PS4…(switch inputs on the monitor to HDMI). Roughly every 15-30 minutes, my screen blacks out for a second and then the game comes back again.

My theory that I have is possibly whenever my computer wakes or receives something, it triggers something. Not sure if I am making sense. Anyone else experience the same thing or have suggestions?

If you unplug the monitor cable from the MacBook, does the problem go away? If not then the problem is likely something related to the PS4, the HDMI cable or monitor.

Yes, if I unplug the Macbook, the flickering doesn’t happen anymore.

Could the wake from notifications form Macbook being causing this?

It’s possible. I’ve not got the issue you have mostly as only one computer is plugged in to my monitors at once. However, I have noticed that when my Mac is the connected system & it wakes up to do back ground stuff (Time Machine etc.) the USB things connected to my monitors light up. In my instance the monitor screens themselves doesn’t seem to wake up but evidently something is happening in the background. (I’m running a pair of BenQ’s).

Given that I was going to suggest turning off “Power Nap” options under the Energy Saver preferences and see if that made a difference.

Wake for notifications is a really good thought. I wasn’t familiar with that but it’s answered a question I had about why I kept getting Reminders pings from my Mac when it was supposed to be sleeping. I’ve just turned that off following these instructions (if you’re not already familiar):

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