Dell S2722QC 27-inch 4K USB-C Monitor

I use this monitor as my “second” monitor with a two 27" monitor set-up run by MacStudio. My primary monitor is an Apple Studio Display. I am quite happy with this. The Apple monitor is, to my eyes, slightly better and I spend more of my time looking at it, but the Dell Monitor is fine. I am one of those people who totally believes in ample screen real-estate.

Anyway, the Dell Monitor, for the moment is available at a very good price ($250) on Amazon. In case anyone is interested. This sharp price drop ( it usually fluctuates between $300 and $390) is unusually good. Probably won’t last long at this price.

Sounds to me like they might release an S2724QC imminently

Now back up to $350. The price of this monitor fluctuates wildly. If you are interested I would just keep an eye out for it to drop at least below $300 which it seems to do fairly often.