Designing a new office - looking for desk recommendations

We’ve sold our house and I’m letting my much-loved executive desk go as a part of the sale.

I’m thinking I might like an adjustable standing desk. Who has one they recommend? Show me pics of your setup if you’re willing. I’m looking for inspiration, too!

For reference, I’m a content creator and podcaster and I love gadgets. I currently have a 32" monitor alongside my 16" MBP. I also have a microphone and arm, camera, and lighting setup all attached to my desk, so I need something reasonably large.

I’ve got the Uplift adjustable standing desk and I’m pretty happy with it.


I’ve just ordered a desk from Flexispot mainly because they’re rated to very high weights which translates to good stability for standing desks. I haven’t set it up yet so I can’t comment but just an FYI. Uplift has many more customization options but tends to be on the pricier side. The Fully Jarvis is also supposed to be great and from what I’ve heard on some podcasts, basically the same as the Uplift, but with fewer options.


Besides Uplift, the other popular one is the Fully Jarvis desk. I had a nice wooden desktop from Ikea already so I bought the Fully Jarvis frame and attached it. It is super nice, but it is a lot of money for a desk. My wife bought a $200-$300 standing desk from Amazon and is equally happy with it. I’m sure mine will last longer and Fully has an excellent warranty, but there are cheaper options out there.

I’ve been happy with my Jarvis for the past 3 years but if I were to do it again, I’d probably spend a bit more to get a desk with 4 legs. I hit the keyboard harder than I should, and occasionally lean on the desktop. The Jarvis has stood up well to this, but it does wobble some when I’m putting those pressures on it.

I have used both, and I own the Jarvis. The Uplift is a better desk, and if I were to buy a new motorized standing desk today, it would be the Uplift without a doubt. Even without the support beam, the Uplift is a much more stable desk (both units I used were 72" tops).

I, along with the others, highly recommend the Uplift Desk. I have two of these (one in my home studio and another at my office). They are both the commercial four leg models. They are pricy but well worth the money in my opinion.

I don’t have one (unfortunately) but I think Caretta has attractive offerings.

I’ve been looking at this one. Good to hear you’re happy with yours. Thanks!

I’ve seen this one on YouTube recently. Seems to be very well liked.

Good to know, thanks!

I had never heard of this brand, but they do make a nice looking desk!

Good tip. I’m a heavy keyboard pounder and desk leaner, too, so that’s helpful.

Probably going against the tide here, I just fixed kitchen work surfaces to 2 walls in an L shape, done this three times when moving, it’s cheap gives a lot of space and is spill proof. Only downside not as deep perhaps as some desks although my 32” monitor fits in the L perfectly.

If I need to stand up I just stand up and walk out the patio doors to my roof patio, which beats carrying on working

I second the Uplift. I have had one for a few year. It’s the best thing I’ve purchased since I got a fancy chair 15 years ago. I recommend the version with the cross bar. It’s very stable, which was a major point for me. I hate wobbly desks.

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