Desk chair cushion

I am looking for suggestions for a cushion for a wooden desk chair. My chair is wonderful for a few hours at a time, but I am now working from home doing 9 hour shifts. Online reviews are mixed and I would prefer the opinions of the MPU community.

My company will reimburse me up to $100 towards a new chair or anything that helps me be more ergonomic. I really don’t want to buy a chair that I will not need in 4-6 weeks.

Amazon has a ton of sub-$30 lumbar cushions that strap to a chair back, like this one. If you need something to sit on check out trucker’s seat cushions which have memory foam or gel and sell for $30-$100.

Also have a look at the bead covers that cabbies use.

I have the royal and it’s awesome.


I use this
G Seat LITE Travel Gel &Foam Cushion | Back Pain, Sciatica & Pressure Relief | Relieves Tailbone Discomfort, Promotes Healthy Posture| Ergonomic Comfort | Car, Commute, Airplane and Travel Comfort

Yes, it is. Mine arrived yesterday. Thanks for the recommendation.

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May your bum never ache again :joy::joy::joy:


I am also awaiting arrival of the Royal. You all are costing me as much as Mr Sparks has through the years!
(I love every minute of it!)


Received my Purple Royal cushion today…

Surprised by how heavy it is. Spent 5 hours in it straight and I found it very comfortable. Tried a few other cushions but they weren’t great. The “Temperpedic” style cushion retained body heat too well and the Gel-filled cushion never felt right.

More to come after a week or so.

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