Desk lamp recommendations for co-working office

3 - 4 days per week, I work in the “cheap seats” (i.e. hot-desking area) of a co-working office in Camden in London.

I love it here, and much prefer it to WFH. However, the hot-desking area is abysmally illuminated. Using a popular light meter app, I measured the desk at 80 lux. The recommended minimum for offices is 240 lux.

I’ve bought a monitor lamp, but:

  1. It’s very directional
  2. It doesn’t provide enough light

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I need a desk lamp which provides a lot of diffused light. I.e. so that it won’t dazzle/annoy people who’re sitting nearby, but still make a material difference to the amount of light on my desk.

It must be easily portable so that I can put it away in my locker at the end of each day.

Sidenote: Yes - I have asked the management for more lights to be installed, and others have complained too. There is no sign of any improvement. The co-working space is so great in every other respect (especially the people!) that I’m not willing to move to a competitor just to get more light!

depends on how big your locker is, but I’ve been appreciated this lamp a good deal (requires that you can clamp it to a desk, although I built a wooden frame to be able to use it on an L desk where I couldn’t clamp it). It’s long, so illuminates my entire desk and monitor, but it’s directional, in that it only illuminates my desk.

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