Desk mat recommendations?

Hi all!

I’m trying to find a desk mat that pet hair doesn’t stick to or is easier to clean off. I currently have a very comfy 36" Steelseries desk mat, but it’s black, and the hair from my six house cats tends to collect on it in a way that isn’t easy to remove without the help of tape or a lint roller. It’s the same material used on mouse pads.

I’ve tried going mat-less, but I quickly developed pain in the heels of my hands. And I’ve tried wrist-rests in the past, but I don’t like the increased height above my keyboard and trackpad. I much prefer desk mats.

I also tried to remove the cats, but my wife made it very clear I would be the one getting removed if that happened, so I’m stuck with the cats.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Expensive, but would something like Vitrazza work? Never used one but I think glass would be easier to clean.

Those glass desk mats look nice, they’d definitely be easier to clean, but I think they’d be just as painful as my uncovered desk.

I wonder if you use felted wool as a mat? Maybe with a mousepad? Depending on the fur you’re dealing with and the colorway of the wool, it could just blend right in!

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Look for gaming mouse pad on Amazon. Pretty happy with an Aukey XXL one.

+1 for anything by Grovemade. Awesome stuff. Not cheap and not for everyone.

My mistake, I thought you were referring to chair mats for a desk.

You might look at anti-fatigue floor mats in a small size. Moderate amount of cushion without being too thick. Most are designed to be easy to clean.

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Leather is an interesting suggestion, is there friction with the mouse during the break-in period?

Oh wow, I didn’t know they made mats like that. The hair would indeed blend right in. Glad we only have shorthair cats.

I have one of these:

I have two cats that like to help out while I’m working. Easy to sweep the hair away. :slight_smile:

Good luck whatever you decide.