Desk mount for mounting 32" TV vertically?

I have a spare 32" TV, and I was thinking of trying to mount it vertically on the side of my desk. It’s about 32" wide though (actual width, not diagonal) due to old bezels - and the VESA 200x200 is in the center of the back. So I’d need a pretty tall pole.

I’m having a hard time finding anything. Anybody here have a product that’s worked for them?

I purchased an Amazon Basics vesa mount for my 24in monitor and have been very happy with it. But mounts that clamp to the side of your desk do put a stress on the desk’s edge greater than the weight of the monitor.

Just something else to consider when making your choice.


I don’t have this specific arm, but I do have their Flo arm and am quite happy with it. This is a pretty beefy monitor arm, but its also fairly expensive.

Depending on the weight of the display, you may not need the “Plus” version.