Desktop Hard Drives - Opinions

I currently have a OWC Pro Elite enclosure with 2TB Raid with that being CarbonCopied over to another drive once a month. This is the Mac Mini Photo Library.

The third drive pictured is for Channels DVR.

I have an old Synology with a replacement sitting here yet to be setup. But, I am trying to decide if I want to actually setup to Sinology.

I want to have a very clean/minimal desk, so looking for opinions of going to a single desktop drive for Photos and DVR. Then maybe keep using the Synology as the onsite backup?

Have you considered OWC’s 4TB ministack for your Mac mini? The $229 price tag sounds incredibly low to me.

Do the drives need to be on your desk? Mine are all under my desk, out of sight.

Be sure to update your synology if it hasn’t been recently.

Synology vulnerabilities

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Yes, they could. The Mac Mini is under the desk. Part of my thinking is do I need 3 drives? But, your right I could put them under the desk.

OH, that looks interesting. I need to check back in on OWC more often.

The only thing I don’t think is the connection. It’s the old usb. But, the STX version looks cool! I have at least on NVMe laying around.

Yeah, the STX model looks good. My Mac mini is from 2014 so I haven’t started looking at newer spec’d gear yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you not have a USB-A port available? If not, an extra cable isn’t that expensive. :slight_smile: