Detachable keyboard case for the iPad 9.7" 2017/2018

I’m looking for a keyboard case for the iPad 2018. I’d like to be able to use it in two kinds of scenarios:

  • On my lap. So the case should hold the iPad sufficiently in place for tapping. Ideally, I’d like to be able to have multiple angles.
  • On a table. Detachable keyboard so that I can position the iPad higher up. (I have a portable stand so it doesn’t matter if the iPad half of the case is not self-standing.)

I’ve looked around, but I haven’t seen anything that provides a) multiple angles, b) is detachable and, c) is also a good keyboard all round.

Any suggestions I’ve missed?

Brydge makes a keyboard for the 2018 iPad that I think would meet all your requirements.

Supposedly their QC has gotten better… :thinking:


I’d heard folks have had bad experiences with the Brydge (maybe at Macstories? I forget.). I live in Europe so I’ll check with them about what their return policy is like.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Both Myke and Federico have mentioned buying from Brydge and successfully returning defective units.

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I bought one and it was defective. Would never use them again. Adds a lot of bulk to the iPad and makes it impossible to easily switch to laying it down for use. If you attach the keyboard you basically turn your iPad into a semi-permanent laptop.

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I had an older model that I used with my iPad Air 2 and regularly popped the keyboard on and off. Not as easy as the Smart Keyboard, but definitely easier than some of the keyboard cases that totally enclose the iPad like the Zagg that I’d used before.

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Question: there’s no keyboard case with a detachable keyboard that would allow me to safely carry the iPad by itself, right?

As far as I can tell all detachable cases would leave the iPad’s screen (and, in some cases, even the back) exposed to my rather barbarous treatment :smiley:

Logitech recently released : SLIM COMBO FOR IPAD (5TH AND 6TH GENERATION)

This is what I have been waiting for. I am going to try it out.

US link:

iPad, 5th generation
(Model: A1822, A1823)
iPad, 6th generation
(Model: A1893, A1954)

4 Modes: Type, View, Studio, Read
Keyboard Type

Detachable Keyboard
Backlit Keys


Viewing Angles: Adjustable

From 20° to 60°
Height: 9.69 in (246.2 mm)
Width: 6.99 in (177.66 mm)
Depth: 0.97 in (24.56 mm)
Weight: 1.08 lb (490 g)
Power and Connectivity

Powered by rechargeable battery
3 month battery life (based on 2 hours of typing per day)
Pair keyboard with iPad via Bluetooth LE

Apple Pencil holder
Front and back protection
Water repellent, easy-to-clean, durable fabric and plastic
Access all ports: camera / headphones

Full size keys (17 mm key pitch)
Scissor keys (1.5 mm key travel)
Full row of iOS shortcut keys
Row of iOS Shortcut Keys (Left to Right)

Onscreen keyboard
Previous track
Next track
Volume mute
Volume down
Volume up
Bluetooth LE connect
Keyboard battery check


That’s a nice case. I didn’t know it was a new product. I guess that’s why I haven’t heard about it from anywhere. The issue I see for my use is that, since it uses a kickstand, it almost certainly won’t balance on my lap.

I’m currently leaning towards finding really good travelling keyboard case that’s not detachable. (My first use case.) The Logitech Slim Folio has gotten good press.

As long as I can easily pop the iPad out of the keyboard case and switch to a plain case with an external Bluetooth keyboard, I should be OK. I’m not sure how robust iPad cases are… I find that my iPhone cases always crumble after awhile. (I did say I’m pretty brutal with my devices :blush:)

That said I did come across an interesting Fintie case (Amazon link) the other day. If I understand correctly you can remove the keyboard from the case to close it. The keyboard attaches to the case with magnets for carrying, but it’s optional. You can keep the iPad + case without the keyboard. It also looks like it might be functional for typing on a lap and it has multiple angles. It’s also pretty darn cheap. If the keyboard’s good and the case not too bulky, it might be the best option for the mixed cases I described in the OP. The Amazon reviews are mixed, but most of the negative comments note the separate keyboard which I actually think is a good feature! :slight_smile:

+1 for the Logitech Slim Combo iPad keyboard case.
Great profile, comfortable for carrying, keyboard (to my liking anyway) is just awesome for typing.

Only minor flaw is unpredictably you have to do a quick one finger & thumb disconnect when it loses pairing after closing (only). Smart connector reconnects immediately and never loses while open.

Well worth the purchase.

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I have a Zagg Rugged Messenger Keyboard case for my IPad Pro 10.5. It offers everything you are asking about. I’m not sure if there is a iPad 6 gen version. It adds a decent amount of weight to the overall iPad but it definitely protects it. The weight bothers me the most. I’ve tried the other Zagg keyboard cases and I haven’t been happy with the construction. The hinge on both the slim book and folio broke fairly quickly. I have no complaints with the keyboard portion of any of the Zagg keyboards. I will probably swap out the Rugged messenger case for the logitech slim combo shortly. I hope this helps you with your decision process.


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Two features I appreciate. I used to mutter I know how to type. Don’t want that backlit stuff… Then I used a backlit keyboard and found it useful.

I don’t like most laptops because they don’t allow keyboard repositioning. This setup allows attached or detached iPad use.

I’m putting this one on my list.

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I just noticed that Wirecutter has updated their guide to include the Logitech Slim Combo, noting that it “can’t easily be used on a lap” :frowning:

Have you tried using it on your lap? Is that workable?

It does, thank you. :slight_smile:

For reference, here are the weights of the cases for the iPad 2018 (1.03 lb / 469 g) mentioned in the last few posts:

Logitech Slim Folio (0.98 lb / 445 g)
Logitech Slim Combo (1.08 lb / 490 g)
ZAGG Rugged Messenger (1.32 lb / 599 g) :scream_cat:

This. There’s been discussion elsewhere about the problematic ergonomics of the iPad. I think the ability to separate screen and keyboard is a great way to improve ergonomics, even in ad hoc workspaces like cafés. Now if I could only find a portable stand that lifts the iPad up… :smiley:

Yes works great. I just tend to fold in the outermost section underneath the key section. I really would prefer this keyboard to any MBP keyboard or Mac available.

The Slim Combo kickstand has the advantage that you can adjust the viewing angle. The Fintie and also the Logitech Slim have only one angle for typing (58° - which did not work well for me).

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I don’t follow. What’s there to fold? Are you perhaps talking about the Logitech Slim Folio rather than the Logitech Slim Combo?

Here’s another interesting option from Zagg:

This is a completely separate keyboard with its own case. It’s not iOS specific, but it looks like it would comfortably work with an 9.7" iPad. Only question, for me, would be how stable is it on a lap :thinking: