Devices appearing on Guest Eero network despite no credentials entered

I have a really strange thing happening.

I have Eero devices deployed with the guest network switched one. I only have the people who live here’s devices on the standard WiFi, and visitors are on the Guest, but recently a few devices which were on the standard network have logged onto the guest, despite not being provided the credentials to logon to the guest. My personal Mobile and an Apple TV have both switched across.

Has anyone else had this?

Thanks @anon41602260, identifying the device isn’t the problem.

I want my devices to remain on the standard Wifi Network, but they are connecting to the Guest network despite not being told the Guest network password.

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

The guest network serves a purpose for me, but I don’t understand how devices which have not been logged onto it (nothing on my iCloud account has) are connected to Guest.

I’m not saying that unknown people/devices are connecting to my guest network.

I’d try forgetting the guest network in passwords and Keychain on your devices, and forgetting the network in Apple TV. My guess is it’s as simple as the network and password getting shared across iCloud from one of yours, or maybe one of your contacts in the home approving the prompt to share access if one of your devices tries to sign into the guest network without the password. I’m not able to test this myself, unfortunately.

Thanks @cornchip. I thought I’d done this.

I know that I’ve never logged onto the Guest Wifi with any of my devices

I’ll give it another go though.

Yes, sorry, I wish I could think of something better. If you have to clean out guest networks 2-3 times (i.e. it’s a sign of a problem and not the root), that’d be an interesting trail to follow…

I’ve sometimes (inadvertently) tried forgetting a network while logged onto the same network, and it never seems to stick.