DEVONthink 3.0 Public Beta


Very exciting! The user interface is in sore need of an upgrade.

I wonder if they did anything with the clipper? That’s the OTHER thing that’s in sore need of an upgrade.

Thanks for the notification here!

Clipper looks different :slight_smile: I never had issues with it.

However, they said: “we have massively extended DEVONthink’s automation options.” That sounds very interesting.

Great news!! Which brave souls shall take the test run for us haha

The Clipper is completely new and sits in the menu bar :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up! Testing it now and it’s a big improvement.

So many changes. They really put some work into it :slight_smile: Even little things like double click can now open the file in an external app. And those smart rules and actions are awesome.

But web server users will have to pay 400 USD for the upgrade …


Imagine that! lol
The dev seemed to get his dander up when asked about this over the years.

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When I saw the web server option I thought that might be nice for when I’m not in front of one of my machines. I probably don’t need it but thought it might be worth paying a little extra. But that’s just way too much for what I would get out of that feature. I’m sure some people, especially businesses with a team of people, might get use out of it, but the price seems a little steep for just that one extra feature.

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It’s great for a team of people who can own just one license and still have access to DT databases. But a single user will probably stay with v2.

I hope that the automation features help with people’s paperless workflows.

Installed and testing it out. Is there any documentation on how to move the databases in Devonthink 2.0 over to 3.0 ??

I have been using the DEVONthink 3 alphas and betas since the inception of the DEVONthink 3 program. I started using DEVONthink 3 exclusively (deprecating DEVONthink Pro Office 2) about 6 months ago. As someone who uses the app 8 - 12 hours / day, I can say DEVONthink 3 has been very stable throughout this process.

I stopped using DEVONthink 2 in favor of DEVONthink 3 because D3 is significantly better for anyone who manages large quantities of documents across numerous active, complex projects.

I have always advised people “do not buy DEVONthink if you do not know why you need it”. And, do not expect glam – expect a deep set of tools that will take some time to align with your needs.


I am running both side by side.
How did you get your DBs from v2 into v3 ?

(I’m assuming it’s something so simple, that I am overanalyzing it)

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You just open the database in DEVONthink 3. No conversion . And, you read the documentation provided. :slight_smile:


I was really excited about upgrading from version 2, but then I saw that installing on the 3 computers I normally use would cost an extra hundred bucks. It sounds like a “seat” for purposes of their licensing model is an individual computer. I currently use Devonthink heavily on three computers, but have never shared a database with anyone else in a team. Maybe I can just buy the base license to start with, and buy an additional seat once I’ve recovered from the hit. It’s a shame they don’t have a sensitive method to distinguish multiple-user scenarios from multiple machine scenarios. It looks like great software. Maybe this is just what it takes to support devs without resorting to subscriptions.

I have to admit after alpha and beta testing from the beginning I’m disappointed with the reduction to only two seats and their ridiculous price for the web server upgrade which was already part of DT 2 Pro. $399 to upgrade to include the web server. I can see their reasoning for teams but I’m sure there are plenty of us using the web server to connect from our window machines.

Maybe they’ll allow for more options once it’s released. If I were you I’d submit feedback about the high priced change and explain your use case and reasons why.

The pricing is a concern for me too. I use it primarily from one machine, but have it installed on three now, all just for me. It is enough of a price difference not to pay for a third license in my use case, but annoying that I will be unable to continue. I’ve never used the web server, but have always thought about giving it a shot, and it is too bad they will now make that a ridiculous price difference.

That said, I’ve downloaded it and started playing with it. I haven’t gone very deep yet, but the main concern I have is my favorite and exclusively used view option “three pane” seems to have been removed. So despite some initial excitement, I’m now not so sure how much I’ll like this upgrade, or if I’ll be able to find a view option I can get used to with some tinkering.


THIS TIME I’ll make DevonThink stick! I’ll add stuff all the time, and know automatically when I need to check there for something!
You know, unlike for the last 15 years… :frowning: