DevonThink 3 Video Series (free!)

Rough count says there’s about 10 videos and about 4 hours of content here. I haven’t watched it yet, but I have bookmarked it to come back to later.


That is awesome! Thank you very much.

Elaine Giles is a very funny, passionate, Mancunian “tech girl” with many, many years of experience giving software training sessions, both online and face-to-face. You simply cannot go wrong by watching these videos and will learn a lot.
Be aware that these snippets of tutorial are taken from Elaine and Mike Thomas’ weekly “MacBites After Hours” live sessions (Fridays at 9pm UK time, usually) and keep up a lively banter with the connected viewers in the chat, answering questions and going over points to clarify them, etc. They cover news items, in-depth software tutorials (with a leaning towards design and video + Excel geekiness), and tech toys, with a little pinch of British silliness to season it all.

If you like a sense of community when learning or following your passions, you’ll feel right at home in the MacBites family.

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I must say I’ve started the videos and I love it. I love her, her humour and the way she teaches. Nothing like good old British silliness to top it all off!