DEVONthink doesn't search Microsoft Word footnotes/endnotes?

Hi all, I’ve been trying out DEVONthink, and so far it appears that it doesn’t search Microsoft Word footnotes/endnotes. Would anyone be able to confirm that behavior? I’ve asked DEVONthink support and the DEVONthink forum, but no replies so far, so I thought I’d try here too.

My desperate hunt for an app that (a) can do proximity/near/within searches and (b) will search Microsoft Word documents including footnotes and endnotes has been fruitless so far.

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I see the same. Not only do footnotes not appear in search, they’re invisible when viewing the doc in DT, even though they appear when the doc is exported and opened in Numbers.


What happens when the Word doc is saved as an RTF file?

Seems to be the case. Suggest you post the observations on DEVONthink’s Forum.

One can always use the “Open With” command in DEVONthink to open up the file in Word to see the source-code document in all its glory. Any “proprietary” formatted file is best opened with the native tool.

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The frustrating thing is that Evernote does search word, PowerPoint, excel files.

Use Evernote to avoid frustration!! :wink:

Yeah… EN has it’s own frustrations right now… kind of why I’m (trying) to move to Notion

Haha, well, Evernote is so frustrating now that I have uninstalled it. The final straw was that it forces itself into focus when it’s not the front app, maximizes itself when minimized, and, far worse, opens itself from a quit state. I even uninstalled the app but did not empty trash or reboot, and it still opened itself. For now, Evernote is banned on my system.

Agreed. I’ve tried almost everything, but nothing works as well for me as Evernote, so I really hope they get things sorted out soon.

Thanks. Have done. One response so far from someone saying they see the same behavior.

Thanks for the idea. If I have a moment while I’m still in the DEVONthink trial, I’ll test it.

I’ve been using DEVONthink for years. You’ll need to adjust your mind set a bit. If you expect DEVONthink to be just like Evernote, it will take longer to get it. Don’t get hung up on the built-in editing tools. Use whatever tools you want to edit. Unlike Evernote, DEVONthink doesn’t store stuff away in its own format.