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A beginners question…

Screenshot — this is my trial set-up of databases. I understand the standard smart groups at the top of the screenshot — Recently viewed, Recently modified.

Have you made other smart groups?


If I switch to Global Inbox view there is a empty Home Group shown. Is this Home Group a place holder… Does it have a specific purpose beyond reminder?

Last questions, is there a easy way to pull up my tags list? All tags regardless of database?

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I’m not sure about the Home Group. It isn’t in mine, but I suppose it might have been in the beginning. It could be included by default to get you started.

As for tags, there are a few ways – there’s the tag view, but I’m sure you’ve found that already. You can also call up a floating panel called “Groups & Tags” (in the Tools menu) that floats over everything, including windows of other apps (but this behavior can be changed in the preference). I don’t use it much but some people find it useful. It does show groups, too, but in the world of Devon tags and groups are quite similar, so there is a logic to it. All your tags will be there, but so will the groups.

You can add things to your database and apply a tag to them by dragging them to the correct tag (or group) in the “Groups & Tags” window.

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You can’t make new smart groups, but you can get other smart groups. Tap edit in the upper right hand then tap the group you want that show in the Smart Groups area, once it is bold, you can tap done in the top right, and that group will show

One of those smart groups is Tags (at the bottom I believe) once you have that activated, as explained above, you can go into it, and it shows the tags per database, so, unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to display all tags across databases.

As for the homegroup, I’ve never seen it, but I’ve been a DEVONthink user since 2009 so setup may have changed since I started.

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oops! I answered for DTP, not DT to go. Sorry! Carry on!

Thanks got my brain seeing and fingers pushing the right buttons.