DEVONthink is 20 years old (plus, get a big discount)

See the original blogpost linked above and my earlier post. The discount will be available this Friday through Monday so it is probably not active just yet.

This exclusive promotion starts Friday, April 29th, 2022, at 9 a.m UTC and ends Monday, May 2nd, 2022, at 6 p.m.

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Ive been using DT for less than a year. I think if you’re familiar with computers generally and don’t mind a bit of study time, shifting to DT isn’t as bad as it might seem. The biggest headache for me was actually gathering up all the files I had everywhere and dumping them in DT. That took far more time than figuring out how to get started.

I came to DT because my workflow was failing, but I didn’t know where the problem was or how to fix it. There was just friction where there shouldn’t be (which of my 5 cloud services might I have saved this file to? Which app should I write these notes in?), and by chance I saw DT mentioned somewhere (I forget where) and for whatever reason my brain said “hey, this needs reading about properly”.

I vaguely pick up the manuals to read a few pages every now and then to learn more, but for knowledge management even just having my files in one place, learning to use the PDF annotations and highlights function and taking some time to understand the search function was worth it for me. I’m very aware that I’m probably not even scratching the surface of what DT could do for me.

Fun fact: just today I got to use my newfound knowledge on Boolean search operators for the first time! “Oh, you need a reference that talks about species X and species Y within a sentence of each other? Let me see what I can find”. First time I’ve been able to do that without having to try and remember where I might have seen something and then checking it with my eyes like I live in medieval times :joy: THE FUTURE IS HERE.


We all use search all the time, and yet it is still vastly underused. Especially in DEVONthink! Thanks for sharing that example.


Purchased. Now the learning curve begins.


A few resources to get you (and others) started: Both the official DEVONthink Manual and free Take Control of DEVONthink 3 are excellent resources and must-reads, and the DT community is extremely helpful (plus the DEVONtechnologies team is very quick to respond on the forums).


Great, thank you!

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I will re-iterate the point made about resources. Use the DEVONthink 3 Forum. They have at least one guy there all the time. @BLUEFROG, he is great. Most questions you have will appear via a simple search there.


I just bought it. I got the Pro version and with the discount it came to about $140.


For those new to DT here are a couple of things you may wish to note:

  • DT adds an “inbox” to Finder. You can easily drag anything there and it goes to the inbox in DT.

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 11.47.01 AM

  • You can also easily add things to DT on the iPad

In Preferences/Sorter you can add the sorter to different locations on your desktop which makes makes getting stuff into DT easy. I have my Sorter set up as a small icon in the Menu bar. You’ll want to experiment with the arrangement that works best for you. Also, you can create shortcuts for search and for getting stuff into DT.


In case anyone is wondering, the discounts apply for an upgrade from standard to Pro.

cc @DEVONtech_Jim :wink:

(Hi, Jim!)


Just watched MacSpark’s free (40 minute) preview of his Field Guide.

Wow. I’ve really gotten into something with this DevonThink thing.
Just bought 2Go. I think this is going to help organize a lot of things for me that today are spread out between Notes, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and Finder.

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Here’s a neat trick for the different cloud services: you can save links to web-based stuff inside DEVONthink as bookmarks.

That collaboration you’re working on where folks insist on Google Docs? Put a link to the doc in your local, DEVONthink-based project folder! :ballot_box_with_check:


Is anyone using the server version? Specifically, to allow others access across the web?

Use case:

  • I have Jr. Consultants (and sometimes Sr. Consultants) who work on projects for me as 1099s.
  • Create DevonThink database for a specific project
  • Use that DB collaboratively with the subs to share files, meeting notes, etc. This allows them to use whatever tools they want to create, they just have to share to DT when they’re done so I can access it and have a record.

If that’s possible over the web with the server version (I recognize I’d have to put it on a publicly available server), I think I may have purchased the wrong version…talked myself into buying the upgrade. I’d still like answers to my questions though if any of you are using the server version.

Also the discount for the IOS app started today if you are interested.

Thanks Dario - I just got the IOS app this A.M.

Trying out a demo of DevonThink - and asking if I get this right:

If I put a document in DevonThink, it makes a copy of it in the Application Support folder within the LIbrary? So I can delete those files from my documents folder and leave them in there.

So DevonThink, basically replaces the finder? How do you decide which stuff to put in DT and which to leave in the Finder? Do you do it by project, or focus/discipline,

I don’t know - seems to go against every way I have used the Mac for 30+ years. anyway, I’ll keep trying the demo, but it seems like something I don’t need.


This is only true, if you import the file.
If you are indexing, the files where only in the original place!
Further, if you move the file within DT3 to an database, the file is ending inside of this database (but still accessible thru the Finder).

I just import every document on my system into DT3, and there into different databases, so I end up (at one day in the far far future :smiling_face_with_tear:) with having all my documents stored, and accessible inside of DT.
From my point of view, if you are using a Document Management System, this is the only way, it really makes a sense, so that you know where all your documents are, and don’t have to think about, whether it is imported, or not.
I´m using DT now for a couple of years, and I run into some issues (partly only from my side of the view…), but over all, I can recommend the system, and there is a forum, with normally a quick response by people from Devonthink, who, in most cases, are able (and willing!) to help you with your issues.

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This depends on whether or not you decide to import or index your files. I’ve historically indexed them so I have one copy but available in DT. I’m experimenting with importing them and if I do, I’ll make a monthly export as a backup.

As to whether or not you need DT, that depends on your needs but there are many things I like about DT that Finder doesn’t offer including file conversion, OCR and copying links to documents to use elsewhere.

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Before getting too many preconceived and erroneous understandings, best if you read up on DEVON think in the Handbook they provide and read the ebook “Take Control of DEVONthink” also available on DEVONtechnologies web site.