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I am big on genealogy and I am getting ready for a New Years resolution to keep a Journal for next year to add to my Family tree.

While there are some nice commercial packages around being a true son of a Scotsman :wink: I want to do the project for no cost apart from time…

Taking advantage of Devonthink which I already own I have adapted a Script that has been floating around the forums for number of years.

I have tweaked it to include

  • Calendar events (Australian Holidays and Birthdays in my case)
  • Quote of the Day
  • World News headlines
  • Local News Headlines
  • Weather Conditions at the time of making the entry

There are a few helpers you need to install plus an API from Instructions for these and Variables are listed at the top of the code.

I have also setup IFTTT to capture all Social Media posts which I will add in manually

I am sure to be tweaking this further so please visit GitHub to check for a later version.




Hah! Great minds thinking together – and all that.

I also have a DEVONthink Daily Note template, also built based on Chuck Lane’s contribution – and using my own version of the weather call from OpenWeather. I’ve added a lot of personal tweaks, data imports, and features so I won’t post my version here.

Note that Lane’s template – modified by the DEVONthink developer – is now an official DEVONthink template. It is in the “Productivity” group of templates.

I see you’re using David Bishen’s JSON Helper and Location Helper add ins for AppleScript. They are both indispensable. I use them in many scripts.

Good work @logic2design!


good job on the weather getter script!
I was struggling on that, and insist on using I think I will implement your weather getter for mine.

You might want to share this on DEVONtech’s discourse!

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I can’t take too much credit for weather routines apart from merging 2 approaches into one. I do like the output, thanks for the link.

I have posted over at DEVONthink. I always try and share any code I found handy to make it easier for the next person.

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Thanks for the feedback. I still have some plans for enhancing my script further so as to automate the Journal entries as much as possible.

If you ever come across an approach to inserting Social Media feeds I would appreciate having a look.

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There are published APIs for Twitter and Facebook (I would focus on the Facebook Graph API, but there are others). Facebook documentation will also take you to Instagram. Just get your keys or tokens, determine the end points and JSON structures, and fiddle.

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