DEVONthink on Discourse

DEVONtechnologies is transitioning its forum to Discourse.

Legacy userids and passwords seem to work – and the massive history of the legacy forum (30K + threads) seems to be fully transitioned (thanks to help from @RosemaryOrchard, I’m told).


Welcomed updated, that’s for sure

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Great to see so many companies and communities adopting Discourse. It’s by far the best forum solution that I’ve used…and most of the forums I frequent (including Asana, Omni Group, Automators, Productivity Guild, and Drafts) are on Discourse, making it easy to transition between communities.


Agreed. The Internet is so lucky to have an old-school forum addict with great programming skills become rich from a community website. :slight_smile:


Not many people know this. There is a official iOS app for Discourse.

It is a great one stop app for all your Discourse needs. It’s actually a wrapper, so the functionalities are limited. I still like it.


Fantastic to hear! Love to see stuff move to Discorse. I hope it increases engagement as well.

Edit: changed Discord to Discourse, I use both and got mixed up thanks @Topre

You mean Discourse, right? Discord is a real time instant messaging.

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Is it still being populated and/or indexed? A search that I did an hour or so ago didn’t show any of my content and there was no login. A more recent search showed my content but I still can’t log in.

I appreciate their moving to Discourse for their forums. I really wish they’d bring the UI into this century as well. The UI (specifically the fixed font search results window) is the primary reason that I stopped using DEVONThink and stopped recommending it to people. It’s just too painful for my older eyes.

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It could use a slick UI refresh, I’m a sucker for good UI and it looks 10+ years old and in need of something new.

The experience of being scolded and told to search the forums will feel much more modern now.


So I found that Plex has Discourse forums now, the users don’t seem to be happy as it doesn’t save where they left off. I think they’re just so used to the old forum format.