Devonthink Pro to Omnifocus Task?

I am gathering feeds in DTPO and also still very new to DTPO, thanks to this thread.

Is there any automatic workflow that can take the feeds I gather in DTPO and outline them as tasks for me in Omnifocus?

I am still using the trial of DTPO to see if it will replace Evernote for me, I still haven’t purchased the iOS version yet.

I can currently do this workflow with Zapier to Omnifocus, but I have no control over project or context, it all goes straight to inbox.


Feeds as is RSS?

What would the task ‘look like’ in OF?

SoundCloud RSS feeds.
The SoundCloud notifications for me are delayed and get buried.

Ideally, need something for the specific people I follow, when a new track is uploaded to notify me via OmniFocus task.

As far as “look like”
Task name “New Sound From User X”
Project and context ability to use.