DevonThink: Rename imported emails

Noob question. I use Outlook for email and have a folder for each client. I would like to import each client’s email folder into Devonthink. Is there a way to have DevonThink automatically rename each imported email to add the email date before the subject?

Generally – though there can be exceptions – the “creation date” of an imported email is the same as the date the email was received, which is usually the same as the date it was sent. Variations can occur, but rarely. So you can create a smart rule such as this

In the “to” field next to “Change Name” you can control-click and choose the placeholders you prefer – e.g., there are multiple formats available for creation date, etc.

I prefer smart rules to be “on demand”, rather than automatic, because I like to control when DEVONthink makes changes to my data. If you want the wild and crazy life though you can change “perform the actions…” to some automatic event or interval.