Devonthink Sync "Broke" After Moving to New Computer

I recently moved my DT from a MacBook Air to a new MacBook Pro. It appears that the “sync” with iPhone and iPad have “broken.”

Should I delete the remote databases and start over?

What is the most reliable way in which to sync DT?

What sync method were you using? Are you confident the local Mac versions of the databases are the latest and most true versions? Without knowing more, I’d suggest moving your local Mac databases to another folder and syncing your remote versions down to the new Mac.

As “@cgruenberg” (DEVONthink Support) as requested from you on the DEVONthink forum Sync "Broken" after moving DT to new computer - #2 by cgrunenberg - DEVONthink - DEVONtechnologies Community and @cornchip here, more details required please.

With more details probably easy to resolve, but I recommend you rely on DEVONthink Support and other experts on that forum. The issue probably unrelated to the new device, except that the new device sync not setup correctly yet.


Agreed, while there are a lot of power DEVON users here, the right place is the official forum.

First, because sync issues are sensitive and the solution to the problem you have does not look to me as something I would qualify as “difficult” or “easy” without more info that the DEVON support team will surely ask before giving an authoritative answer and second because the successful resolution should be discussed on DEVON’s forum in order to help similar cases if they happen to other users in the future.

The only recommendation I can give is to backup your most up to date databases just out of precaution. Do not attempt any other resolution steps until someone from DEVON suggests something. Be assured that they are thorough and will ask a lot of info but you are on good hands.

Edit: was answering OP, not @rms, of course :smiley:

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I have found with buying a new iPad, re-establishing Sync (to iCloud/CloudKit) on the new machine by simply selecting the iCloud or CloudKit option results in the app requesting sign-in credentials which if correct will then show a screen for the user (you) to select the various databases (e.g., folders?) you wish to sync with the new machine. YMMV!