Devonthink-to-go icloud syncing problem?

Hi everyone, I recently purchased devonthink to go and was so excited to sync everything with my database on macbook. After hours of syncing, however, I found that the devonthink to go doesn’t sync any of the annotations and highlights I made on the original documents. I tried to fix this problem by rebuilding the database and uploading it to the icloud but this problem keeps coming up. Does anyone has any idea about how to fix it?

I sync thousands of annotated PDFs with DEVONthink using iCloud and have not encountered this.

When you say that it “does not sync any of the annotations and highlights”, do you mean that it syncs the documents, but not the highlights?

It sounds to me like you might have somehow ended up with two versions of these documents.

  • In DEVONthink on the mac, are the documents you are using Imported or Indexed?
  • What application, on which device, are you using to create these annotations?
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I’ve had this issue the very first time I synced over icloud. I re-synced the db’s to fix it, and ever since it’s been rock solid.

I had problems with the sync, deleted DTTG, reinstalled, it fixed, and now I’m seeing some evidence that the problems are reemerging.

Open DEVONthink to Go. Press the question mark icon (?). Press “Contact Us”. An email to send to DEVONtech Support will be created with the technical data need for support to assist you.

Thanks @anon41602260, I just sent a message.

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Yes, it uploads every document I have on the mac but not the highlights. All of the documents I have are imported and I always make annotations and highlights on my macbook via Devonthink’s highlighting function. Interestingly, if I make highlights in the pdf expert (on mac), this problem never occurs. Only when I make highlights in the Devonthink on mac, the ios version doesn’t show the annotations (but the thumbnail has the highlights. see the picture)

I use DEVONthink iCloud syncing. It is rock solid for me

This is an issue I’m experiencing as well. I sent a note off to them as @anon41602260 suggested and heard back that they’re investigating the issue. It seemed to help to have my log, so I suggest you send yours along as well.

I suspect this may be an issue with their PDF renderer. If you open in another application (e.g., PDF Viewer) the PDF that you have in that screenshot using the “Copy to” function or via the Files app, do the highlights appear?

As others have suggested, worth contacting DEVONthink support about this. This is clearly a bug either with syncing or rendering!

Please contact DT support.
They will 100% fix it!
Actually they’re super at this!

Interesting. I just opened the same PDF in OneDrive pdf viewer, and it does show all the highlights. I think the syncing has no problem but probably rendering or something else is causing problem in the app. I also contacted the Devonthink support team and am waiting for their investigation to be finished. Thanks!