DEVONthink-to-go syncing problems with iCloud?

I was very excited to hear that DEVONthink-to-go on the iOS now supported iCloud as a viable syncing platform. After about a month and a half of use, I am sad to report that I switched back to Dropbox.

On the surface, things seemed to work fine initially using iCloud where all my captured files synced appropriately on all my devices. I had enabled ‘On Demand’ file access on iOS so that I didn’t bloat my internal phone/iPad memory, but this is where problems started to occur. I could not download files that were indexed+synced - however long I waited. Even a ~2kb markdown file did not load after hours. Some files did get downloaded but this seemed like a random process. Ultimately, after a breakdown in my trusted system, I reverted to Dropbox, where things seem a lot more robust.

Has anyone else had this experience? Solutions? Comments?

I encountered the same issues and got in touch with their support. I was able to fix the issue but I iCloud sync does seem to be brittle. Hoping they improve this in future updates.

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Good to know! Thanks. I think I might just stick with Dropbox for the moment, however.

A small update here. As @binarymule suggested, I reached out to the DEVONthink support through the app. They ended up being extremely helpful in figuring out what was going on. Ultimately, I had not completely purged my DTTG from Dropbox initially, before I switched to iCloud (when the feature was enabled). So, after deleting both iOS DTTG apps on my iPad and iPhone, and after having deleted all my sync stores on the Mac, I am now back on iCloud and it is functioning appropriately!

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Also, two key tips were to keep an eye out on the “Keep” slider in the DTTG settings (regarding manual versus automatic purging) and to periodically empty the trash.

I switched to ICloud syncing today—followed your tips—SO much easier!!!

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Glad to hear it! Yes - I am happy to report that iCloud syncing now works seamlessly with DTTG!

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