Devonthink vs. Eaglefiler

I am working learning both of these software applications now and was curious if anybody is using both for specific applications?

I just happened to pick Twitter feeds for my first entry into Devonthink and spent a few hours until I went to Devonthink’s forum and discovered that Twitter functionality was negated by Twitter in May 2020.

I am still in early days in exploring both of these apps and I know DT has a big following here at MPU I am wondering if there are any advantages using Eagle Filer.

Any inputs of view points would be greatly appreciated.

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also new at DT, so far liking it very much. Already wrote a couple documents in it.
Adding myself to the conversation.

had previously tried EagleFiler but it didn’t work for my flows. If either or both work for you, then great! :slight_smile:

Tried DT v2 for several years but gave it up for a “low-tech” plain text, PDF, and Finder approach. That worked ok but I’ve found that EagleFiler elevates my workflow. It brings in email as a first class citizen and is in many ways a better Finder than Finder. But it’s nice to have two Finder-type apps. I use both in different ways. I love to read the excellent EagleFiler manual or browse the EagleFiler forum as I’m always finding a new way to do something. EagleFiler is a mature, deeply-designed, app that always feels solid.

Do you miss having EagleFiler on the iPad and iPhone?


I use the iPad for reading novels, watching movies, or surfing the web.

I use the iPhone for Due, Downcast, music, maps, Twitter, camera, text messages, Apple Pay, weather, and an occasional note in Byword.

Otherwise, I’m very Mac-centric.


I’m unclear from your earlier post – do you still use DevonThink? Sounds like no; when you refer to having two Finder-type apps you mean EagleFiler and Finder itself?

No more DevonThink. You are correct - EagleFiler is the other Finder-like app, along with the Finder itself.


I use then used dt3 but find it to massive. Then lately they had an update and I lost a bunch of files and images.

So I went and bought EF and love it. Prior I just used the trial.

Now I find I use EF on the Mac and files on the iPhone and iPad.

When I do serious stuff I use the Mac. When I review or need instant view of something I just pop on the iPhone or iPad and go to files and can see everything in EF.


Have you tried KeepIt? Similar to Eaglefiler, but also has iPad version.