DEVONThink & Yoink Now Work Together

For those who may be interested, as a DT user, I received this in an email this morning so I thought I’d pass it along, see below. There is also nice update to DT, read about it here.

Is it Love? — DEVONthink & Yoink

As a Mac user, you probably work with documents all day long, often with more than just one application at a time. Maybe even multiple screens or spaces. So you know that dragging can become, well, a drag.

Meet Yoink, one of DEVONthink’s best companions. It’s a shelf at the edge of your screen where you can put whatever you can drag, then navigate to where it should go, and drag it out without breaking your fingers. Or you quickly gather all the data you need, then drag the bunch into DEVONthink. And when you don’t use it, it stays out of your way.

Because DEVONthink and Yoink go so well together, we’d really like to see you try them. Get both for a limited time for 20% off their regular price. As always with us: no strings attached.


Was Yoink the iOS shelf app that figured out the picture-in-picture workaround to monitor the clipboard…?

Aha, yes (sorry for thinking out loud):

Maybe I’ll try it again…

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Looks like a nice little utility. I’d imagine it would work fine with Eaglefiler too given it seems to be effectively working the same way as Finder.

Yoink is great but ScreenFloat is Eternal Storms’ real sleeper app. I’ve been using it 20 times a day or more for about a decade and can’t see myself using a Mac without it.

Also, I love the juxtaposition here. “For a limited time, enjoy a lil’ 20% sweetener off DEVONthink’s $99-$499 price. As well as a massive 20% off Yoink’s $8.99.”


+1 for this amazing app. Only improvement is for developer to figure out keyboard shortcut to close app, currently closes background app instead.