Diagram/Flowchart IOS App

I need a diagram/flowchart app for diagramming a novel. Ideally, it would be an iOS app that also has a Mac OS version, but I probably don’t need a Mac version if I can export the diagram so I can view it on a Mac later.

I know I can use Keynote or Powerpoint, but I want something that automatically adds arrows and things and will keep the arrows connected if I move the shapes around and I’m not sure these apps can do this. Ideally, it should be fast, where I just select a shape, boom, it’s down. I select another, boom, it’s connected.

I don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription, and the app shouldn’t bevery expensive. I don’t want a web-based solution.

I don’t need anything complex, just rectangles and arrows, so a basic app will work for me. I read through some of the posts here from last year, but I didn’t see what I’m looking for.

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Grafio sounds like it fits the bill!

I use it on iOS a fair amount. Though I’m switching more and more to OmniGraffle nowadays.

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Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

I like using TouchDraw.


Thanks. This looks great but I think it’s much more than I need.

Take a look at a mindmapper as well. I like iThoughts and have used it for general braindumps as well as language learning and documenting hierarchical structures. It syncs between iOS and Mac versions.
Also you can export an iThoughts mindmap to many formats including text outlines iin Markdown and Microsoft Office.
Also check out Scrivener - allows you to write in snippets and organize by metdata, color codes and icons.
Also check out Aeon Timeline - allows you to examine time in your story - character ages at different events, sequences etc. However it has other uses such as event planning, program management, relational database and graphing object properties (just map the property onto the timeline).

Aeon Timeline was designed for writers doing flowcharts. And it syncs with both Scrivener and Ulysses, and also has a syncable iOS app. Currently $25 for Black Friday (with coupon BLACKFRIDAY at chekcout), which is 50% off the normal price.


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