Diagramming Software

I used Diagrammix. It’s a gem and pleasant to use.



What a great, intuitive program! I’m all in.

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Diagrammix looks pretty good. I’ve always been partial to the simplicity and beauty of Simple Diagrams, which at $50 is admittedly more expensive.


That looks good too!
Perhaps my next purchase.

Diagrammix is not available for iPad.

If you need a Mac / iPad combo, I like TouchDraw. Warning though: their site hasn’t been updated in over two years and the last update in the App Store was January 2017. These might indicate it is or will soon be abandonware.

Wow, it’s really gone up in price. But I agree it is also very nice and more fully featured than Diagrammix. Can invent one’s own shapes for use in diagrams.

But, no iOS app either.

I noticed the Diagrammix site and twitter feed were somewhat neglected; I went ahead and bought it for fear it might go away.

Because I have to be cross-platform I‘m using yEd. Alas, no iPad version.

I might have a problem…

Popped over to Diagrammix website, was about to download the trial/thinking of purchasing straight up – before realising the logo/icon looked familiar…

Invoked Alfred, started typing “Diagr” and… would you look at that, I already own it… :sunglasses:

Thank you for the reminder – will have a closer look at this again!


Simple Diagrams is cross-platform too. Just downloaded the trial.

Literature and Latte’s Scapple is a simple program that is really nice to get thoughts down and to work things out with. Only US$15, or US$12 with an academic discount.


Scapple is great.

Another one – similar to Scapple – I really like is Delineato Pro – but I think it is actually a zombie. It’s only available on the Mac App Store, as far as I know, but the links for the developer and product support lead to what appears to be an unrelated site. And updates stopped years ago. Not sure how come Apple has not removed the app yet. Delineato has (had) an iOS version too.

It’s a case study on their website. Perhaps a tool they wrote for themselves that they decided to sell?
Maybe iOS 11 broke it, and there wasn’t enough revenue to pay for updates; till looks viable on macOS.
Admittedly, lots of speculation on my part :slightly_smiling_face:

Just sent them a msg on their website.

Years ago, Delineato had its own website. Perhaps it was bought by this company?

Another happy Scapple user here.

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I have tried many different apps for creating diagrams and the one that really fits my needs is Omni Graffle!
It takes a while to learn it - but you can start quickly and I am still amazed how deep it is when you use it more frequently.