Dial a number on Mac, have call placed through iPhone?

I’m having (another) Senior Moment™ here…

I swear I remember there being a way (either built into macOS or with a 3rd-party app) to dial a number on your Mac and place the call through your iPhone.

(I’m not talking about a FaceTime call or anything like that, I mean initiating a call that will otherwise be as if you had dialed it on your iPhone directly.)

After months of thinking, “I should find again that so I can start using it” now I can’t find it. All I am finding it articles telling me how to forward calls from my phone to my Mac, which is not what I want.

Am I delusional? Wait, don’t answer that. Rather, let me ask: Does this exist? Did it used to exist and then stopped? Why can’t I find it? Is all of life a simulation?


It was definitely a thing to phone a number from your Mac or iPad which used the iPhone as a conduit.

Sorry I am clearly not expressing myself here.

I want to use the phone, hold the phone, speak into the phone. All I want to do is do the dialing on the Mac. Everything else should happen on the iPhone.

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I don’t recall ever being able to do that. Perhaps the closest thing is copy-paste over continuity. You copy the number on your Mac and paste it into the phone app and initiate the call.

Anyway to dial a number from a shortcut and invoke it remotely?

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You can actually do that without 3rd party app:
dial the number from your mac and pick up the phone -> select output “iPhone” and you have the call

you can call via a couple of routes:

  • contacts: click the nr, on your mac and the call will start
  • use the tel:// url followed by the nr to dial
  • put the number in your calendar and dial from there

Tried all three just now, and it works very well.
Only extra step is selecting the output device on your phone

Yep changing the output works - I need to it often when my AirPods stop working!

The only issue is there will be a delay as you switch output devices.

I haven’t done this for quite a while. So I just went to the contact page for a bank, clicked on their phone number, and out came this notification…

Didn’t continue, but I believe just clicking call will ask for confirmation and I would just grab my phone to continue.

I have the same question. I’d like to be able to click a number in Safari on my Mac then take the call on my iPhone. The closest I can get is making the call then switching the audio over from my Mac to my phone, but it takes a few seconds and I can’t afford the lag. Seems like there must be a way.