Dictate element in Workflow.is

Hi everyone

I’m on the iOS 12 public beta, and love Siri shortcuts so much, that anything that is automatable is going to be automated - if not for convenience, then just for learning the ropes of Siri shortcuts and Workflow.is

Trying to accomplish:
I am trying to create a workflow that will ask for input via the Speak element, and then wait that for the user to speak the input via the Dictate element

I have the workflow working all the way up till the Dictate element - it will commence listening, and register whatever I dictate, however, it doesn’t stop listening - ever - making the workflow crash with an errorcode.

Is it possible to have the Dictate element run for a fixed amount of seconds, and then continue on with the rest of the workflow?

Any help will be highly appreciated :pray:

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Not that I know of unfortunately.

Dang :thinking:

Hmm… back to the drawing board, then, but thanks for the quick response :smile:

The only way to make it stop and return the text is by pressing the Siri button circled in red below.


Yeah, I feared as much - which unfortunately is what I had hoped to avoid since I’d try to make a shortcut to use while driving (I have Carplay, and radio controls with integrated Siri / voice assistant button in the steering wheel) without any interaction with the phone :thinking:

Right now I’m trying to figure out a new plan to this shortcut - or if it, in the end, proves impossible (at least the way I initially planned it) :thinking:

But thank you so much for your contribution - I really appreciate it :grinning:

I guess it’s down to the drafts app on Apple watch.