Dictate running notes iOS

I’m looking for an app (with a WatchOS complication) that can take a dictated note and append it to a single, running note, preferably with a space or two between items. I don’t want a new note for each item since I want to review what I’ve put in during the day (or so). I’ll delete or move each item after I’ve dealt with it, so it won’t be a running record, just a handy repository.

Anybody know of an app that can do this?



have you tried this on Draft notes?

I don’t believe you can change the default input method on the watch to dictate. I know there is a complication that will let you select the input source, but, as I remember, the default is keyboard (or scribble). My main reason for this is to deal with thoughts as I’m driving. Just tap the complication button and start talking.

Having said that, I’m wondering if I could just do it via a shortcut called by Siri. Seems like that might be an option. Just say, “Hey, Siri. Add XXX yyy zzz to thoughts.” It would append it to a file (or note or reminder) called thoughts. Hmmm. Have to think about that.


Have you tried Just Press Record?

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Thanks for that. I’ve had the app on my iPhone for quite awhile, but I haven’t tried it for this. Problem is that it takes 4 taps on the watch to get it done, which could be a problem when you’re trying to get a quick note while driving.

  1. Tap to bring up the app;
  2. Tap to begin recording;
  3. Tap to end recording;
  4. Tap to send the recording to the phone.

Transcriptions look accurate and there’s always the recording to reference later. I’ll have to try it to see if I can do it without causing a major traffic accident or any fatalities. :oncoming_police_car:

I have not tried that but would it be possible to dictate a note from the watch and store it somewhere such as a new note or new reminder in Apple Notes or Reminders or drafts - Then maybe we could set up a shortcut that would copy and paste it into your final destination?

update: I just tried a few things - and from the watch I can use siri to create a new reminder but not able to do this with apple notes for some reason (anybody know why?)

maybe if you added a special keyword to the reminder - then a shortcut could move it to your main location.

Also drafts app seems to be a good solution for this maybe also

Also I see the the iPhone drafts app has a built in destination = “append to iCloud Journal” - maybe this could be adapted to you needs?

just a few thoughts…

That’s fair, nobody should be harmed by trying to record something on traffic! Please don’t do that.

That said, I think you can pair down those taps.

In my experience, if you keep the app as a complication on the Watch, there are only two taps required:

  1. Tap the complication and the app will open and start the recording;
  2. Tap to stop the recording.

There’s no need to tap again to send that to the Phone as it will sync automatically.


Noted lets you record a voice note on a Watch and will append the new recording to any of the previous ones you select. It is a few taps though.

I don’t have the Noted+ subscription but I believe it will then convert all the recorded notes into text on the iPhone or the iPad. Not sure about that (it supports dictation on the iPhone and the iPad, possibly on the Watch as well) but it might be worth having a look.

Thanks for that. Definitely deserves a look. Seems like it does everything I need, although I’ll have to see if it can append to a running note (not necessarily a deal breaker if it doesn’t). Depending on the responsive of the developer, that could be added if it’s not there. $25/year seems reasonable, especially with the 7-day trial. Subscription doesn’t bother me if it leads to active development and improvement.

I’ll give it a try today.

I think you’re right about Drafts. I’ve used it for years for creating drafts (what else?) for emails and other writing tasks, and I’ve had the complication somewhere on my watch. I hadn’t thought about using it for the process I described. I just now added it to my primary watch face, so I’ll see how it works.

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