Dictation in 2020. Is Native the Way to Go?

Now that we are in a post Dragon dictate world, are you guys who use dictation on your Mac just using the built-in dictation? Other than the limited timer, it seems to be pretty good. Curious about any other solutions out there that you guys might be using.

I use the native dictation feature via Drafts. This conveniently works around the time limitation - and then I can send my text on elsewhere.

So you mean Drafts on iOS. That is a good idea to start on iOS and sync it over.

Also, I have found clipboard sharing between the iPhone, iPad and Mac work extremely well.

The last last time I tried dictation on the Mac, I found it work very badly, perhaps because of the microphone. It occurred to me recently that I could dictate into the iPhone, which works extremely well – I am dictating this post right now – and then cut and paste it to the Mac. However, I have not tested this out.

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I recently broke my right arm and it was in a cast for a month, and I had to find ways to use dictation to deal with my 200+ daily work emails.

I tried use the native dictation on the Mac, as well as on my iOS devices. I found the dictation on iOS to be barely acceptable, while on the Mac I found to be below par.

I spent the month with my arm in the cast responding to emails on my iPhone where I could type using both hands. It was inconvenient but it was the only solution that worked.