Dictation on iPadPro

For the first time in a year or so I tried dictation. The difference is, instead of using my iPhone 7, I used the 2018 iPadPro. Boy, I was blown away. It is great. Almost as quick as I talked, and a really great accuracy rate - about one error per paragraph. The other surprise - to me at least - is that it works just as well with no Wi-Fi or mobile signal.

For me, this is a game-changer. Dictation is now a way to speed up work - no longer a novelty or proof of concept. It works, reliably and quickly. A good reason to justify splashing out on those super fast processors in the iPad Pro.


Not sure if you are using drafts app or not, but the dictation within that allows you to talk for a long longer than the built in dictation in iOS.

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