Did Safari Change the way tabs work?

OK I’ve got a workflow that has been running just fine for years that is now broken.

I start up email and Safari. If I see a link in my email that I have to go read I quickly do a right click and open link behind mail.

I swear that before it would open the link in a new tab in ly Safari browser. Now it always opens a new Safari window which drives me nuts. I often in my morning get 5-6 of those things I want o look at. What worked well was process the mail quickly, then go in and read the tabs and my desktop isn’t cluttered. Now I get these extra Safari windows all over and it’s much harder to quicklynavigate to them.

Yep, I stupidly upgraded to Version 15.6.

I’ve checked in preferences and can’t find anything that would give me back the behavior I want.

Any clues?

I too am using Safari v 15.6. When I click on a link in Mail it opens in a new tab.

In Safari preferences, if I change the “Open pages in tabs instead of windows:” setting to “Never”, I get the behavior you describe, the linked page ones in a new window.

I have it set to “Automatically” and as noted it opens in a new tab.

Hope this helps.

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Unfortunately I already have it set to automatically. I’m testing having it set to always.

and even that doesn’t work. I still get a whole new window.

Have you tried a restart yet?
My Safari is also set to “Automatically” and doing just fine.

Are you using Tab Groups?

If your Safari window(s) are displaying a selected Tab Group, clicking a link outside of Safari will spawn a new non-Tab Group window.

It’s annoying and I wish the link spawned inside my active Tab Group, but I worked around it by always having a non-Tab Group window open.

Curious. I’m sure you tried toggling the setting.

That may be it. I think I accidentally clicked on the tab group part when trying to get to the sidebar because it shows untitled next to the side bar button. I wish show/hide sidebar was a separate thing I could put on my toolbar as tab groups don’t make sense for me. I do just fine with lots of tabs. Adding tab groups would just make me more likely to store URLs there rather than properly creating a bookmark if I really need it. :grin:

I’ve just turned it off and will go back and check again.

Yep I tried that first and also restarted boht Safari (no change a) and then my entire mac no change)

UPDATE: The Solution is not use tab groups I have not yet tried the have a non-tab group window open option.