Did you purchase AppleCare for your Studio Display?

Did you purchase AppleCare for your Studio Display and why?

I haven’t yet, but I plan to. Given the price point, I feel it’s worth purchasing.

Not yet, still undecided on Apple Care for both the Display and the Mac Studio itself. I’m not typically a fan of extended warranties.

I did, then wished I hadn’t (since I’ve never had a monitor go bad on me), and then was glad I did when I learned about everything going on inside the Studio Display.

I bought it for both of my displays. I am very familiar with Murphy’s Law in my life…

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Yes, for two displays.

I did for my Mac Studio.


At this point, I just buy AppleCare for very nearly everything, especially since it’s all so expensive to begin with.

I always buy AppleCare. It has not been a total waste of money in that I have had several things fail under warranty. I have not bothered with the calculation of whether it is worth it in dollars. For me, the psychological impact of having expensive hardware fail and costing me a lot of money to fix is wounding. I might stew about it.


Yes, because I’ve got two kids under 10, and there’s always the chance of a miskicked football going into my office! I always buy it for all products too, it’s a no-brainer for me as accidents do happen.

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I have the two kids and two cats, so many reasons to get the coverage!

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I just bought it as well… AUD219

Nope. Also didn’t for the Studio.

If it’s ON for more than 1 hour a day, then it’s worth it.

That’s part of my motivation too, with the A13 and all.