Difficult choice

What to watch tonight

The Apple event?


My government’s new lockdown press conference?

Normally I would know, but for now it’s the lockdown.

Enjoy Apple’s announcements! I’ll watch them later on.

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I hope the partial lockdown is both manageable and effective. (I listen to a podcaster in Amersfoort, so I’d suspected new measures were coming.)

I hope so too :slight_smile:

bars/restaurants closed, all shops close at 8pm, no non essential travel, masks mandatory in public enclosed areas, WFH more or less mandatory where possible

so apart from the bars/restaurants that have to close it’s more of a wakeup call.

I’d always go for an Apple announcement. At least it’s fun to watch. And afterwards just read the new restrictions/measures online. Announcements are fun, Lockdown conferences suck.

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