Digital Asset Management (DAM) software and cataloging

Does anyone have a recommendation for digital asset management (DAM) software that works well for a video producer’s workflow? I’m looking for something that will help me catalog and search through our studio’s archived and previous work.

Are you looking for something that runs on macOS or cloud-based? Is there a budget? Are you looking to manage multiple clients/brands/users with it?


I think running on macOS would be ideal, though I’d be open to exploring cloud-based options.

Yes, there is some budget.

And yes, I am looking to manage multiple clients/brands/users.

Did you find anything? There is NeoFinder which I’m testing out now, but it isn’t quite what I’m looking for…

I also see Pixave which has a slicker, more modern look, and has some editing tools, but doesn’t necessarily seem better than NeoFinder…

Oh, it seems because I have a Creative Cloud subscription I also have access to Adobe Bridge … will try that later.

Bridge is free even if you don’t have a subscription, I believe.

Ugh, Bridge just froze up on me on the same task that the other two apps handled easily…

NeoFinder is the ugliest, and oldest of the apps, but it is also a powerhorse that’s been going for over 25 years. Looking like my best bet right now.

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That app looks fantastic. I don’t have an use for it, but I almost wish I had :sweat_smile:

I was using Pixave for a few years - but stopped after the database was corrupted. I was rescued by my backups, but I haven’t gone back.

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An update: I’ve asked a Premiere Pro users group on Facebook recently and they had two interesting suggestions.

1st is Disk Catalog Maker

2nd is Key Flow Pro

1st option looks like a good general option. 2nd option is more geared towards FCPX users.

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