Digital Picture Frames

I’m looking for a cheap way to put a few photos on my desk. If I were putting prints in frames, I’d be looking for a 5X7 portrait. It seems that most of the recommended frames are 8X10 or greater and landscape (not to mention pretty expensive). I’ve seen people talk about reusing old iPads, but I don’t have any of them around. Since I’m only interested in putting in a few pictures and having them cycle, if it might be better to go with an old Android device. If so, any thoughts?


have you considered an old iPhone?

or a Google Nest Hub, it would be very cost effective , or a Nest Hub Max if you prefer a bigger one

Thanks for the input.

That Nest Hub looks interesting, but I don’t see any indication that it will work in portrait mode. That’s absolutely necessary since all the pictures I want to display are of people, mostly standing. As far as the old iPhone that @wiredfractal suggested, size is a factor. Again, as I mentioned, I would want to display the equivalent of a 5X8 portrait. I’m not sure any of the old iPhones that I could afford for this project are of that size if, indeed, any of them are.

Since this is going to be a special purpose item (no videos or sound, only images), I think an over-the-hill Android tablet might work. Just need to know which one to try since I haven’t used anything Android in at least 12 years.

Did you see this review from Wirecutter?

Most digital frames are a little over 5 x 7, but not quite 8 x10 in terms of viewing size.

i’ve mostly bought Nixplay frames, and it pays to pick the frame then look for a better price.

I like the Aeezo Portrait 01 on the Wirecutter review, but it’s still pretty pricey for what I want to accomplish.

Maybe buy an older refurbed Kindle Fire from Amazon?

That might work. The Kindle Fire 8 would be just about the right size. I live in Thailand, so not sure who would have refurbished stuff. Shouldn’t be too hard to find, though. Also, there are a lot of people selling homemade frames at the street markets, so probably would be easy to have one of them put a frame together.

Thanks for the tip.