Direct URL to specific messages on WhatsApp?

I need to open a specific message in WhatsApp at specific times during the day to send a message in a group.

I want to set up the URL in Pushcut. Right now I just have but a further deep link to the specific message would make it magical.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this with either the web version on iPadOS or within the iOS app for iPhone?

You can access specific messages on iOS via Shortcuts. Once you have sent some messages to the group/recipient, it will show up in the available actions, within:

Shortcuts —> Add Action —> Apps —> WhatsApp

You can then use Pushcut to run the Shortcut.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot. Do you know if it is possible to message groups on WhatsApp this way, using either the app or a link to the web version of WhatsApp?

I’ve just had a quick glance and it seems as though it may send the message to the members of a group (ie start individual chats with each member rather than 1 group chat).

Not quite as automated, but if you use the Send Message via WhatsApp action without a recipient, when run, WhatsApp opens and pops up a list of recent chats and it looks like the group could be selected from there.

I don’t have a group that I could test it on, so this is an assumption from how it appears to work. Not fully automated as you would seemingly have to select the group each time the Shortcut runs.

Hope this gets you somewhere in the right direction.

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Would this work at all on an iPad? I guess not because the app can’t be installed on an iPad.

I’ve not played around with the web version of WhatsApp so I don’t know what’s available with it, I’m afraid.

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