Direction for teenager with video production skills

Our 15-y/o granddaughter has amazed the rest of our family by producing and posting videos demonstrating artistic makeup skills. She has become an Instagram micro-influencer (@MakeupBySydMarie, 34,000 followers), and has attracted an international cosmetics company to promote a line of custom cosmetics.

She feels that she has reached the limit of the iPhone’s video production capability and needs direction to enhance her video productions. She needs to set up, adjust, trim, clip and insert video and audio clips into video files with professional-class transitions, fades, and other effects and enhancements. She specifically mentioned the need to adjust audio levels. Currently her productions are limited to Instagram but I would like to see her learn video (and photo) skills that could lead to new opportunities.

My first thought would be to switch to a laptop or desktop computer and learn to use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier, but that would be quite expensive, perhaps $2,500+ for a suitable MacBook Pro or iMac with sufficient power to eventually do more advanced video editing.

But maybe FCP or AP would be overkill at this point. Would an iPad Pro be a feasible alternative, with inexpensive software such as Lumafusion, and later switching to a laptop or desktop computer?

Any advice from those with video production experience? MacBook vs iMac? If MacBook, should we wait for an updated 13-14” MacBook Pro next year, or splurge for the new 16” MacBook Pro now? Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premier? FCPX is $299, vs $30/month forever for Adobe Premier, correct? Is it possible to do more advanced video editing with an iPad? Lumafusion?

Any advice would be appreciated …

FYI Serenity Caldwell wrote this for iMore before Apple hired her:

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