Disable sports notifications on Apple watch

Does anyone know how to disable sports notifications on Apple Watch? I have my favorite sports teams set up in Apple TV and I love the live notifications on my iPhone, but I’ll constantly be getting notifications on my Apple Watch (especially during baseball games). There isn’t an option in the watch app for tv notifications and I can’t find anywhere in iOS to manage them without completely disabling notifications for Apple TV or removing my favorite teams.

I never figured out how, so I completely disabled them.

Not certain about this, but I think the sports alerts are through News rather than TV, so if you don’t care about News alerts on your Watch, you might try disabling News under its Notifications settings.

I’ve always had news notifications off for my watch so that isn’t it. Thanks though! Apple seems pretty insistent about notifications for sports. They turned them on by default in TvOs too which was really frustrating to find out in the middle of a movie.