Disappointed with AirPods lifespan. Any alternatives?

My 1st gen left AirPod is dying after just 2 years. It still works for about 30 seconds, then I hear a pop sound and it disconnects.
I always, always(!) used both AirPods simultaneously and yet the left aged differently than the right one.
I (miraculously) got a Genius appointment on an Apple Store and the conclusion was, “sorry nothing we can do to fix it. Your options are buy a left AirPod replacement or buy a new pair”.

I’m disappointed with this, and really don’t want to “rent” another pair of AirPods for 2 years just to throw them in the garbage after that.

Any recommendations for an alternative?
I’d like to have ANC this time btw.

I like my Raycon’s. working now for about 18 months…

Nothing can beat a Hard wired Speaker. There are pros and cons of wired vs wireless. But the death of batteries so quick (2 years) is a VERY costly rental. All the money in the pocket of manufacturers.

If there are not replaceable batteries then you are pretty much renting them.

FWIW, I just received Airpods Pro yesterday. And the ANC is pretty amazing. When I put them in I thought my drobos stopped working because I didn’t hear any fan noise. I’ve tried 2 of the cheaper buds with ANC, but today didn’t hold a candle to this. I am on board with the battery concerns, but that pretty much goes with any Apple/modern product with a sealed battery.

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My AirPods died as well. I switched to the beats solo pro. I only ever use them in the house anyway

@rms Cool, never heard of them before. I’ll check it out.

@NiceMarmut I’m sure they are amazing and I’d love to have them too, but I really don’t want to keep buying increasingly more expensive AirPods every 2 years.

I know that it may be mostly me, but I don’t think that I have had any Bluetooth headset last more than two years. Most of them have lost the clarity in one ear, lost their microphone, or just wore out around the edges from day to day use. The batteries kept their change for shorter amounts of time the more they were used and the more I charged them. I ended up switching between a few to keep using my favorite ones. I would use some for calls, another one for podcasts and music while working or going for brisk walks.

I admittedly have a challenge with avoiding new technology, especially as newer devices started improving the user experience. So, the wear and tear could be me wanting a newer device. However, the shorter battery life was part of the reality. Since the AirPod Pros have been out, I have ended up purchasing both AirPods and AirPod Pros. I use them for different purposes and hope they will be around for longer than the two years I had the original AirPods (two years). The AirPods are used for Zoom and Skype calls. The Pros are used for phone calls, podcasts, and music.

I do wonder if it is possible to use this type of technology longer than two years with the currently battery technology. As much as I hope someone shares a headset that has lasted with the same vigor for more than two years, I also hope it doesn’t get back to my wife…:slight_smile: :grin:

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Not many alternatives to AirPods 1st gen :neutral_face:. Prefer 1st gen & don’t like those in ear bugs like AirPods Pro .

That’s sad but you’re probably right. Battery tech is the biggest barrier for longevity and a bunch of other advancements.
Still, I’ll keep looking for an alternative. All opinions are welcome!

My 2nd Gen (non-Pro) AirPods seem to be holding up better than my 1st Gen AirPods did.

Sony has an ANC option:

Was considering this before getting the AirPods Pro. If those wear out for me (hopefully they won’t though, lots of $$$ there), I’ll get these.

That’s good to know. Hope they keep improving it.

@ThatNerd Yeah, I’m looking at these ones now. and they are cheaper than AirPods Pro.

I’ve been mulling the same issue. My AirPods now last about 20 minutes before needing a recharge.

Apple goes on about the environment but basically makes throwaway devices like these which are the antithesis of that philosophy. Yes, they can officially be recycled, but how much of that really happens?

In my country, they don’t even do it themselves, they send you to the official institution which, I suspect, can even do less with them than Apple.

Anyway, I came across an article from iFixit that looks at the repairability of various wireless earbuds and their conclusion was that the Sony’s mentioned above were the best. So, I’m thinking of going that way. I’ve replaced batteries in iPhones and MacBooks myself without an issue so I should be able to manage that.

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This is what happens after I get sucked into the ecosystem :rofl: