Disappointed with PDF Editing on the Mac

I’ve used PDF Expert for a while on the Mac, but I’ve been disappointed with it - for a number of years I’ve used PDF Exchange on Windows and I cannot find an equal on the Mac.

I’ve tried PDF Pen this past week, and having a Polyline is helpful as that’s one of the major tools that PDF Expert is missing, but it’s not straight forward or particularly easy to use. For example, it’s not easy to see what line has been selected to delete etc. Using the Polygon tool as a poly line tool isn’t great but I guess that’s me trying to wrestle it in to how I want it to work. Measurement tool in PDF Pen isn’t helpful - I can’t calibrate and there’s no snap to function with it from what I can see.

At this stage, the only reason I really have Windows around is to make comments on PDF’s!

Is there a PDF editor out there on macOS that has this functionality?

pdfpen is a terrible app, I struggled with it for years before trying PDF Expert. PDFe fits my needs but it is limited as you said. Why not go the Acrobat route then, more expensive yes but it has a lot of functionality.

I just wanted highlighting capabilities and don’t see myself paying $ for app just to highlight. In Windows, I use Foxit Reader. I wish there are equivalent of Foxit Reader in Mac that has some minimal capabilities without the need to pay for a full fledge PDF editors.

Preview can highlight, for the last 8 or so versions of MacOS / OS X.


Wow… right under my nose! Thanks @dfay!

Maybe the answer is a better Windows.
Have you tried VMWare and its Unity functionality?
It makes running Windows apps in macOS pretty seamless.

I can’t see that Adobe has the functions I need. It’s also subscription. Whilst it helps pay for my meals, it’s an expense I stump up myself to enable me to actually work better, rather than the firm pays. If I had unlimited funds, I’d be using Bluebeam, because that worked wonders.

Work pay for a Remote Desktop, so I’d probably use that, as I don’t think the VMWare works on M1 Macs?

Otherwise at home, I just boot up my PC - as all the files are in OneDrive, there’s no issues accessing it via Jump desktop.

Just wondered if I could save that trouble.

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I’ve got Windows 11 ARM running in parallels and x86 are running fine.

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The Highlights app is also a nice option (and many features are free).