Discogs for Mac users?

If you don’t already know, Discogs is an online database for recorded music (LPs, CD, cassettes, etc.) the largest so I’m told. https://www.discogs.com

At the risk of compounding the nerd-factors of record collectors and Mac power users, I’m curious to know if anyone on this forum has created any workflows or database management, or some sort of interaction between your Mac and Discogs. Some of you who do use Discogs may just use it for purchasing recordings, but I’m looking for ideas for one’s collection. (On Discogs you can select albums you own and create a Collection.) And this might be a stretch down the nerd-wormhole but if there are any Discoggers who are into submitting to the Discogs database, as I am, I’d be interested in any Mac-based workflows, shortcuts, etc.

As an example: I’ve just started an experiment of importing the web pages of individual recordings to a Devonthink database. The goal is to be able to search for a song title and see all the albums that this song appears on. (I have mostly older albums where “standards” turn up frequently.)

Appreciate any interest in this admittedly fringe topic.



I want to hear what others are doing as well. I only use the Discogs iOS app and have never contributed. Before this, I tracked my vinyl collection with Delicious Library but their data isn’t accurate (from Amazon). Last month was my first time to purchase from a seller in Discogs even though I’ve been using their iOS app since launch.