Discount code for Hazel Field Guide can be found in

I thought I’d share a funny moment in my “coming up to speed efforts” with Hazel.

While listening to Automators podcast #8 on File Automation, @MacSparky and @RosemaryOrchard talk about Hazel quite a bit.
I was driving to work while listening to this episode , but didn’t finish the episode by the time I had arrived. Since I already have a license for Hazel, I figured I should get the Field Guide as well, and bought it while I was at work (shhh). (Well, that and I may forget about buying the field guide by the time I get home.) :wink:

On the way home, I continued listening to the remainder of that episode. @MacSparky graciously mentioned a $5 discount code, which I couldn’t use since I had bought the field guide earlier that day. :wink:
The discount is mentioned in the last 5-10 minutes, but you should listen to the whole episode ( or David & @RosemaryOrchard will be very disappointed)!!!

I’m not disappointed nor upset. David puts a lot of quality content in his field guides and sells them at very reasonable prices.


His Field Guides are really very good. I would have gladly paid for @MacSparky Gift Wrapping
Guide too. I just buy when they come out and from every one of them, I have definitely learned some new things.

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I had exactly the same experience, buying that Hazel Field Guide during that specific Automator episode (while commuting back from work in the train).

I had a good laugh when listening to the final part of the episode when I stepped out of the train!:joy:

And indeed, no hard feelings, the Field Guides are worth it.

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