Discourse Hub Episode Link in show notes?

Hi, Everyone.

I searched for “show notes” and read through a number of conversations and hadn’t seen this asked this way…

For the producers of all of the relay FM shows, here’s the ask:

Is it possible to include a link to the Podcast episode topic in the various community forums?


MPU 545 - State of the Apple Watch show notes would have a link to take users to talk.macoowerusers.com/<episode###>.

While we are at it, can a link to the Discord Channel/topic be included as well?

I think this would be really helpful to increase engagement for folks like me who live on my iPhone and iPad by clicking to open the relevant app/topic and jump right into posting about the episode.

Just a thought to help make it easy for all folks to jump in, contribute and interact with some awesome members of the various podcast communities under the Relay FM banner.


@RosemaryOrchard @MacSparky @ismh

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The post in the forums is created automatically after the show is released - so by the time we update the show notes most podcast players will likely have already downloaded the show notes. But I’ll chat to Stephen and David and see if there’s anything we can do!

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The good news podcast clients will pick up changes made to show notes post-publication. The rate at which they do this is … hit or miss across various apps.

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How about a link to the episodes category ordered by creation date? That’s an easy click or tap to the episode thread.


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Of course it’s always a challenge when the Episode links aren’t live when the show notes are already distributed across the Podcast Universe.

Here I was thinking this would be easy. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

It’s good to know about the order of operations, @RosemaryOrchard & @ismh. Thanks for the replies!

It’s always the podcast apps themselves vs the services pushing them out. I get it now that determine how this will work for listeners.

I can always create a Shortcut and ask Siri to open that link after the episode starts playing in my ears.

Thanks for this @cornchip!

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