Discourse: Install more themes?

Admins: (@RosemaryOrchard ?) would it be possible to install more themes for Discourse?
I like the dark theme, but the cursor is nearly invisible on my iPad (dark blue on black background), whereas a theme like Ghost has a white cursor.


Any chance of having more themes installed?



This is something for @joebuhlig, but I don’t think it’s an easy fix.

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Any particular themes we’re looking to add?

The current dark theme has a blue cursor on black background, which isn’t very legible. (I’ve let the devs know on Discourse Meta).
In the meantime, Ghost is dark and has a visible cursor. Suitable for waking up at 3am without lighting up the room.


I’m using the dark theme and my cursor looks fine. It’s black with a white outline.

On iPad. I left that part off.

Oh – and I didn’t read back to the top, where you did say “iPad”.

iPad, my bad.

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No problem! I also forgot I put it in the original post :slight_smile: