Discourse iOS update

Hey, Team! I managed to run the update on the MPU site. Give it another go. :+1:


The latest version (1.4.1) seems to have fixed the white screen issue but I definitely do not like the new look. I used to be able to see all of my linked forums in less than one screen of a landscape orientation on iPad; now, I’m constantly scrolling.

Things were working just fine so not sure why things had to mucked around with other than change for change sake.

I must be missing something. The new Discourse app simply takes you to the website. What is the advantage of using the Discourse app for this forum given that clicking on it takes you to the website? Why not just go to the website? What am I missing? This is not a complaint, I’m merely perplexed as to the advantage of the Discourse app.

You can go into iOS settings scroll down until you see Discourse, in that page at the bottom you can turn off “Open links in Safari” and “Open notifications in Safari” and it will open all forums in Discourse with the In-App Safari Browser, returning functionality to previous versions.


Thanks! I did not know to do that. Now, the Discourse app makes sense. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually moved to using the browser more since the new Discourse app isn’t my favorite. Works great just using the browser!

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Can somebody please explain what all the different UI items mean?

  • grey vs black text?
  • blue dot?
  • grey vs white (with blue background) numbers?

Grey is read, black has new posts.
Blue dot: you’re tracking the thread and there are new posts.
Numbers: how many (unread if blue) posts in the thread.


The (automatic) tracking still baffles me.

Where can I find Discourse documentation to start learning about this?

Your amazing! My pet peeve is fixed! Weird they made it so Safari browsing is default…

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I believe the latest version of the app (1.4.1) has the Safari option disabled by default; but, if a person had loaded the 1.4.0 version beforehand, the option was on and not turned off when the newer version was installed.

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