Discourse iOS update

So, the 1.4 update of the Discourse app seems to break the talk.macpowerusers.com integration. After updating it would just open the page in Safari. I tried to remove the site and add it again but now it claims that this site uses an outdated discourse version.

Yep, seeing the same thing. Hold off on updating if you can.

All Discourse sites are opening in Safari.
I certainly am not a fan.

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Additional problem: after returning from Safari to the Discourse App that App only shows an entirely blank white screen (even after a force quit).

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There are some Discourse updates that need to be done but unfortunately I’m not able to do them, we are arranging to get them done as soon as possible though!

As a note, there is a thread in the Discourse forums about this:

If there’s a workaround or fix that seems to be working then I will post it here. (There have been mixed reports so far that reinstalling works.)


The latest is that the developer has found, fixed, and submitted an update to Apple. Unfortunately it will take a few days for the app review process before the update is available.

So am I missing something? Did the Discourse iOS app just change to eliminate reading forums in the app? Do I now have to access MPU Talk and Automators Talk using Safari?

There’s a bug in the Discourse app unfortunately.

With the default settings of this build: yes.

However, you can go to the Settings App and disable “Open links in Safari” for Discourse.

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I updated iOS and now the Discourse app is not working on my iPhone or iPad. I get a blank white screen on both devices. I deleted and restalled the Discourse app but it will not accept the URL for MPU. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Sorry folks, I posted this before I saw that this problem has already been posted.


Merged the threads for you!

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It’s like a social git merge.


It might be helpful to move this the Announcement section so when there’s a fix it can be seen by the whole community?

I will post in the announcements forum when that happens, but I’d prefer to leave this discussion thread here.

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After the latest update, this is what I see when I open the Discourse app :neutral_face:


Over at Automators you posted that you fixed something. How did you test that?

(I don’t see an iOS App update yet; the screen remains white for me)

I was able to push the updates through for Automators, unfortunately that’s not possible here for me - I’m on the beta of Discourse on my iPhone and that removed all the forums which allowed me to test adding Automators again.

Just got the latest Discourse App version, and managed to add almost all my forums (including Automators :+1:). Just MPU and Bitwarden saying using outdated version.

Got the stable update earlier today. Drafts and Automators are working without any action from my side, but MPU cannot connect (need to authorize over and over again).