Discovery: PastePal - New macOS iOS clipboard manager

Discovered this recently…

One of the only ones that is not subscription based. I am trying to find an alternative to Copied

Anyone in the community used this?

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Looks nice, a bit like Paste which I used earlier, but I find that I really like such apps on the phone to have a custom keyboard. One app which does is Copy’Em. I don’t think it has a subscription - just a one time purchase. I’ve been very happy with it.

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The iOS version is a subscription

I’m still hoping Apple adds a native clipboard manager to macOS (it’s about time). Perhaps next week during WWDC :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Deleted Paste for the umpteenth time because he refuses to add a custom kB.

PastePal needs a KB as well. Without a KB you have a product that just blends in with the myriad of other clipboard tools. With a KB you have the beginnings of a Reference tool.

I was wondering why Drafts just doesn’t offer a Custom KB to make it easy to fly in text from your Workspaces. Greg Pierce’s response

iOS apps cannot access Control Center…that all system level with no developer APIs.

Custom keyboard has been considered, but would be very limited in what it can do (basically just insert text, similar to what the iMessages app can do)…and is a lot of hassle, since Apple requires any third party keyboard also provide a fully functioning keyboard, not just custom functionality.

Explains why many developers are reluctant to add custom keyboards. I see a couple of solutions

  1. Apple needs to improve processes of building custom KB with a nod towards security/privacy

  2. Developers need suck it up. You can’t ask end users to pay you annually and then complain about the difficulty of delivering value. They’re incentivizing you annually to take the road less traveled if it makes sense.

PastePal now supports a custom keyboard. I suggested it to the developer a few weeks ago and it’s already available. I’m very impressed with the app and how rapidly new features are being added. And no subscription.


I saw and tried to use the keyboard but it comes up with no text. Have you tried it out? I kind of like the 14 bucks for Mac/iOS and done.

The keyboard has been working for the most part but I’ve noticed some bugs that I passed on to the developer. Try opening the app before using the keyboard — that refreshed the list for me.

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